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Summary of FPL GW9 story

1-0 score-line is familiar for the Sheffield side #SHUWHU

Leeds United’s draw keeps them away from relegation zone #LEEARS

Burnley got their first win of the season #BURCRY

Calvert-Lewin’s brace keeps Everton’s Europe dream alive #FULEVE

BIG win for Chelsea with a three-game winning streak #NEWCHE

Brighton earned their second away wins of the season #AVLBHA

Man City Stumble, Lilywhites’s rise #TOTMCI

Man Utd‘s Fernandes scored a retaken penalty #MUNWBA

Southampton’s Walcott opened his account in their visit to Wolverhampton #WOLSOU

Liverpool win put pressure on League-leader Tottenham #LIVLEI READ MORE


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