About Us

Value matters, our Core Values in our Premier League game

Our mission

– To identify opportunity, share passion on Premier League and achieve prosperity

Our vision

– Prosperity and success starts with asking what our users need.

– As a Fantasy Premier League manager duel platform providers we identify opportunity to explore, create strategy and work collaboratively towards success.

– With determination, together we walk a path of continuous improvement

Our values


We care for our users and community by taking a genuine interest in who they are and doing our best for them.


We genuinely love doing what we do. It’s what keeps us energized, it keeps us motivated to keep learning, and it enables us to go the extra mile.


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Teamwork is about working together to achieve amazing things.


We choose to embrace the joy of life in Premiership which consists in the enjoyment of every new experience in every game.

Focus on Fantasy Premier League

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