Robert Sanchez

FPL prices: Sanchez No 1 among budget goalkeepers

Paneorder assesses the leading options in the sub-5.0m bracket and explains why Brighton’s No 1 could be the best pick

Paneorder takes a look at the 2021/22 Fantasy Premier League player list, assessing the best options according to position and price.

Robert Sanchez (BHA) 4.5m

Despite claiming only ten clean sheets in his 27 appearances last season, Brighton & Hove Albion’s Sanchez was the seventeenth top scoring goalkeeper on 101 points.

That points tally was 59 less than Ederson of Manchester City, whose 19 clean sheets earned him the Golden Glove award.

The option to pair Sanchez with another 4.5m goalkeeper guarantees you a starting goalkeeper rotation for a total spend of just 9m.

Sanchez’s potential for both save and bonus points further boosts his appeal as the go-to option in the budget bracket.


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