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Influencer talks about taking his FPL style to the world

Influencers are a dime a dozen in Internet, so it’s hard to get noticed among the crowds. This was not the case for Hong Kong’s latest football sensation, 38-year-old Mulder Lam ming yip (known as Lammy). He appeared on the radar about a year ago during the Championship season starts and have been making football news headlines ever since.

“More than 10 years ago, I became well known through the Charlotte Street, Portsmouth snaps. It was his entry into the football industry by selling drinks. Back then it was just me and the street – that was our audience.

“From the beginning it was about expressing myself, and that mentality hasn’t changed, but the location and environment is much bigger. Now it’s about me representing Bubble Tea and Football to the world in a way,” says Mulder, while taking a break from writing.

It’s 10am in Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong, and he is halfway through a reading session in a local library. At one point the daily routine, he is never complaining. He finished his reading by the time at noon.

Passers-by can’t help but stop and stare, but he is consummate professionals and read the one English newspaper after the other.

“I’ve loved reading since I was in Lammy café. My parents were not in the publishing or media industry. I went to Portsmouth when I was 22 and knew I wanted to do something different in the minority. I decided to collect some news and football magazines, even match day programme,” explains Mulder.

“Culturally Hong Kong has been very slow on the influencer game because there is still some obstacles involved around making money out of something like my style and how I look. It’s just not part of our culture. That is slowly changing but it will take time. That is also why I have started to explore the industry outside Hong Kong,” says Mulder.

Taking my style to a global audience involved a few tweaks. Originally he was known for the Championship news and English Football Focus which included plenty of original stories matched in a non-league way. While some of those elements remain, he has elevated their hope to include a cup game-bound team in future.

“I have definitely changed a non-league team style. Not our usual footballing tastes, but what we want to do is to make our look more professional. It’s about presenting my squad and myself as a team.

The future seems bright for him. He has plans to develop more projects under his own names, with the long-term goal to not only put Hong Kong, China in the spotlight again, but to contribute and give back to England football map.

“But while names such as Liverpool and Manchester United have inspired and changed the course of European Cup history, I think the clubs which are in the new format of Euro cup should be more out there. It’s important they have a more global mindset with a strong presence outside Europe. I believe they need to be unique and have something to offer,” he says.

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