FPL GW38 Free Transfer Glitz: Jordan Pickford

Paneorder says Everton No. 1 is a key factor behind their strong warriors spirit in relegation battle this season

Paneorder looks at one player who has offered big value for money in 2022/23 Fantasy Premier League.

Jordan Pickford (EVE) 4.4m

The 29-year-old has been a huge success over the last six Gameweeks. His 24 points are at top of the goalkeeper standings of the bottom-four sides.

Those displays have included 14 saves (4 points), 5 penalty-save points and 1 clean sheet.

Yet despite that drop in cost, he is still the second best-value and best-form goalkeeper in FPL, returning 0.9 form per million.

His total of 5 clean sheets at home ranks top along with goalkeepers from Leeds United, Leicester City and Southampton.

An ever-present this season, Pickford has missed only one match, against West Ham United in Gameweek 8.

Saves a bonus

Pickford’s tally has been boosted by 123 saves his 36 Gameweek appearances.

Combined with Everton’s new manager bounce and only one lost in last four Premier League matches, he has returned less than two points on only 10 occasions.

Everton’s last opponent this term also raise Pickford’s prospects for further returns from different routes.

They are among the ten sides with home advantage in Gameweek 38.

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