FPL GW33 Free Transfer Glitz: Alexander Isak

Paneorder on why Newcastle United striker is a big alternative to team-mate Callum Wilson versus Everton

Paneorder is tipping one player to produce big points in Gameweek 33 of Fantasy Premier League.

Alexander Isak (NEW) 6.8m

The Newcastle United forward extended his first season in Premier League with two goals and 3 bonus at home to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

Isak has blanked only twice in his last seven Gameweek appearances, totaling 48 points.

He scored against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Nottingham Forest, West Ham United, Brentford and Tottenham Hotspur in that period.

He can be found in only 7.1 per cent of squads, compared with the 12.7 per cent of his team-mate Miguel Almiron (5.4m).

Better than Wilson?

Isak has outperformed the Englishman in recent matches.

The underlying numbers show Isak’s goal threat is improving since his return from his injury this season.

He has had a goal every 97 minutes, bettering Wilson’s 129 minutes this term.

Furthermore, his average of 5.3 points per match ranks fourth among all forward in FPL so far.

Points return

An away encounter with Everton looks very promising for Isak’s prospects.

The Swedish has a strong record against their opponents at their home, scoring four goals in their last four meetings in their travels.

Everton, meanwhile, conceded four goals at Goodison Park in their last two home matches.

Isak looks set to deliver points yet again, providing managers with a big option for the captaincy in Gameweek 33.

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