Bidding (Man City) war in January

January Transfer business

-Liverpool in Zabaleta enquiry and offer 8.75m (Reject)

-Aston Villa have made an offer of 6.5m for Elano
as Tottenham offer 21-year-old Lennon and 7.75m. (Reject)

-Benjani requests transfer as Man City accept his request

-Michael Ball completed his 625k move to Reading.

-Gelson Fernandex moved to Lyon for 8m.

-Central defender Glauber move to Stade Rennais football club for 850k.

-Elano is unhappy at not being allowed to move clubs to Aston Villa.

-Robinho told media that he owes it to himself to look seriously at
moving to a bigger club. He is unsettled and request to move away.


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In a FA cup encounter in Reading, Man City field in a strong side.
But they lose two key midfielders during the game.

Swiss Fernandes was sold.
Nigel de Jong is injured as well as Michael Johnson.

In central three-man midfield, I can only choose from
Stephen Ireland
Dietmar Hamann (Short of fitness and we do not renew his contract)
Zabaleta (Probably make-shift midfielder)
Vincent Kompany

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