FPL Paneorder Manager Challenge

The new season is almost upon us and we are delighted to announce the return of Fantasy Premier League football!

Every Gameweek, I will write my posts and tips in paneorder.com/blog. Win £5 or equivalent! I value your opinion and player selection in #FPL. Get rewarded with HSBC HK, HSBC UK or PayPal account for each one you tweet in each Gameweek. You could be the lucky winner.

Term and conditions apply:

You must name a player who is in the same position with lower price tag as I mention in Free Transfer Glitz before that Gameweek deadline.

You must have a HSBC HK, HSBC UK or PayPal account. 

You must tweet or comment in our blog or twitter account at least 50 words (English or Chinese) of your opinion.

You must follow @Lammy_cafe and FB:FPL Paneorder

The lucky winner who gets the biggest positive FPL points difference will win in that particular Gameweek.

*Allow only one entry per Twitter or Facebook account in each Gameweek. 

Visit www.paneorder.com to start playing!


In my FPL Paneorder blog – GW1 Free Transfer Glitz, Lam elaborates on a message that he thinks “is very important to get across car owners”: Take care of your mind, body and assets. Sounds difficult, right?

But Goalen XI’s manager takes it a step further by offering an advice: “Let’s say that my forward selection is Kane. I offer to buy you the team of my dreams. You can pick out any alternative forwards that you want, and then when you get out of 4.5m trap after Gameweek 1, that Premium striker will be waiting for you at Etihad home.” (100 words)

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