FPL GW1 Free Transfer Glitz: Bruno Fernandes

Paneorder says the Manchester United midfielder is a major influence in home matches and has the form to punish Leeds United

Paneorder is tipping one player to produce big points in Gameweek 1 of Fantasy Premier League.

Bruno Fernandes (MUN) 12.0m

The Manchester United talisman enjoyed his best-ever FPL campaign in 2020/21.

Fernandes totalled 244 points to finish as the top-scoring player in the game.

He scored 18 goals and supplied 14 assists in Fantasy, finishing level to Golden playmaker winner, Harry Kane (12.5m).

Fernandes has been quick to replicate that form in pre-season.

He scored once in Manchester United’s summer friendly, a 4-0 win over Everton.

Popular pick 

The 26-year-old’s prolific 2020/21 has made Fernandes a major target for the Gameweek 1 visit to Leeds United.

He is the third most-popular player in FPL, found in 48.3 per cent of squads. Those owners will be encouraged by Fernandes’ numbers from last season.


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