Patson Daka

FPL new arrivals: Daka to impact Leicester’s front two

Paneorder says the Zambian’s arrival could lessen the Fantasy appeal of Vardy and Iheanacho

The arrival of Patson Daka (7.5m) could have an impact on the prospects of Leicester’s key attackers in Fantasy Premier League this season.

Jamie Vardy (10.5m) has been playing as the lone striker for Leicester City since opener through 2020/21.

But the signing of Daka, combined with Vardy’s versatility, may mean the Englishman is occasionally used as a second striker from now on.

Daka has been among the most prolific forward in Austria in recent years.

He scored 27 goals in 28 league appearances for Salzburg last season.

Depending on his fitness, the Zambian could be quickly handed a chance to get goals.

Potential ramifications

In the long term, it remains to be seen whether 22-year-old Daka will be a regular starter this season.

But when he features as a substitute, he will have an impact on Leicester’s set-up.


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