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FPL mini-league GW10 preview: Head-to-head

– Paneorder League GW9 review

– Summary of my GW9 story: Double twin full-backs

The _connect Analytics tell us that FPL Captains should be a key to success this Gameweek, with their big hitters holding an even more distinct advantage than usual. The points hint that 3-4-3 formation is vital, though long-term stats, as we know, are conspicuous over a 38-Gameweeks.

That’s all well and good – and I’d suggest that seven attackers in this system are an enviable way to go. There’s something else that also caught my eye over the past few Gameweeks in FPL Paneorder league: the list of contenders.

Ready or not, here they come: Matt Grillo (576 points), @abir_hoxen (564 points), @amichoux (553 points), @fplfighter (553 points), @fool_ball (551 points), @ghedo1999 (551 points), @coleybaley (547 points), @ChrisLeung07 (546 points), @Zaggazao2 (545 points) and @naliakaTebla (545 points) have all finished top-10 in the league currently.

Those are some outstanding FPL managers right there.

With less-FPL points lead, narrow margin and fewer players capable of winning titles competing on a seasonal basis, we might believe these competition is more unpredictable than those that are chock-full of talented managers. 

FC Bandidos drop to 3rd on 553 points, Hoxen’s Squad are now 12 behind league leaders Rubbish Rovers.

A third straight defeat leaves Goalen XI forty-fifth, three points ahead of Man Utd in forty-sixth.

Double Twin full-backs

The minority turned to Liverpool and Leeds full-back options, who were both the most-sold defender in the last couple of weeks. FPL managers would have had their hearts in their mouths as they found out the names in the injury table. Four of my full-back alternatives should turn good in the coming Gameweeks ahead of the festive fixtures. There was surely disappointment for me who kept Trent Alexander-Arnold (7.3m) as he sidelined currently.

Quote of the week

“Manchester City have a great fixture ahead. De Bruyne (9.6m) who will get one goal and two assists in the next game will claim at least 11 points. Meanwhile, I expect Zaha (10.0m) who appears in Fantasy Premier League Free Transfer Glitz will only get two points. The positive point difference is 9 or price.”


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