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Summary of FPL GW3 story

First point for WBA. But not for my Austin (5.3m). Thankfully, I transferred-out him before GW3 deadline.

Handball decision on my blank Joel Ward (4.5m) with zero point is clearly harsh.

Che Adams (5.9m) did get his first assist of the season. Your loyal fans are happy.

The Brighton-Man Utd game wasn’t ended after the full-time whistle. Read more – Brighton 2-3 Man Utd: What did we learn from ‘logic-defying’ game?

Happy Sunday! I got my first forward attacking return of the season from Leeds striker – Patrick Bamford (5.8m). Read more

Jose Mourinho’s side are still waiting for their first Premier League clean sheet in this term.

Shock defeat! Man City have shipped five goals against Leicester City.

Wolves conceded four times when they faced West Ham United last Sunday.

The poor Fulham stunned by the Lions’ defeat. Read more Fulham 0-3 Aston Villa: Fulham split open as Villa win away for first time since January 1

Despite Thiago Alcantara (6.0m) is out, debutant Jota hits his first goal in Liverpool’s comeback win at Anfield.

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