‘Like a Final’ – stakes high as Leicester tackle Man Utd #FPL #PANEORDER #PremierLeague

It seems Leicester City are not fazed of the fight of Champion League place, but …

If I am Rodgers, I will tell the Foxes not be afraid of Manchester United, but for one of these teams their worst fears in this season’s final game are about to become a reality.

Crashing out (the top four) in the last round would be unthinkable for two clubs that were among the favourites when both teams played their games after the league restart in June.

“It’s like a final, they cannot put a foot wrong,” Paneorder boss Mulder Lam said.

Leicester City have reached Champion League in 2016-2017 season while Man Utd were dumped out in quarter final last season.

With anticipation comes pressure. Red Devils are on course to win the last Champion League place but this is the one achievement they crave.

Miss out again and it will be second year since they did not play in one of the biggest European tournament.

Man Utd are now out of the FA Cup and only 1 point ahead Leicester City in Premier League, where back-to-back victories earlier this month capitalise on Leicester City dip.

January signing is to full fire and there is optimism about the arrival of Bruno Fernandes.

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