My Wildcard draft style: the Clean Sheet Kings #FPL #Paneorder #Premierleague

The team of defensive demons is sure to provide a host of clean sheets across the campaign and the rest of fixtures, as well as their fair share of attacking contributions.

The Liverpool trio (Alexander-Arnold, Robertson and van Dijk) were the backbone of the Red’s title team while Ederson was a mainstay for Pep Guardiola’s rotation roulette. 

Doherty has a useful habit of harvesting bonus points and returns from both end for Wolves while there is also budget left over for the Newcastle skipper, Lascelles and Arsenal squad members, Martinez, Saka and Nketiah.

The front six are set for solid seasons, including Fernandes, De Bruyne and Traore while Martial, Rashford and Jimenez are no strangers to the scoresheet.

My draft XI 4-4-2 (Current price): Ederson (6.0), van Dijk (6.5), Robertson (7.0), Alexander-Arnold (7.8), Doherty (6.4), Fernandes (8.7), Martial (8.1), De Bruyne (10.7), Traore (5.8), Rashford (9.0), Jimenez (8.3)

Bench Martinez (4.2), Saka (4.7), Nketiah (4.4), Lascelles (4.3)Total = 101.9

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