Jesus, Silva top two Man City picks at _connect

_connect FPL analysts’ top two picks of 63 covered assets are Jesus (9.6m) and David Silva (7.6m). 

In a new report titled “the differential in Man City,” the analysts says we are more positive about December fixtures, and see Manchester City’s assets continuing to make progress in FPL perspective.

We favour G. Jesus.

“G. Jesus is their most preferred frontman, with clinical finishing instinct expected to be driven by varying catalysts in 2019/20 season,” we write.

“Our top picks are (1) G. Jesus on dominant striker role at the moment; (2) David Silva in midfield reaping the rewards of strong assists; (3) Mahrez (8.3m) on benefiting from high point return ratio per game.”

Here’s a taste of rating by _connect in this Manchester City squad.

We rate G. Jesus a buy, with a price target of 9.6. Last gameweek, he has gained 1 per cent to 9.6m. From that level, the analysts forecast a 2 per cent increase.

“We see G. Jesus as strongly positioned to embrace the first-team opportunities due to the absence of Aguero,” we write.

We also rate their skipper David Silva a buy, with a price target of 7.6m. It has increased 0.1-0.2 in a couple of gameweeks ago. From that price, _connect analysts expect a stable 5 points return from each match.

Mahrez also has a buy rating, with a price target of 8.3m. Mahrez has dropped by 0.2m from 8.5m due to his lack of involvement. From that price, the analysts expect Mahrez to get some goals and assists off the bench during the festive schedule. He had already got 18 points from last three matches.

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