LGL Launches new letter-box for supporters

Supporters of King’s Lynn Rovers football club are being given an opportunity to have your say on the issues that affect club(s) and local football teams in what will be the simplest way of its kind to express.

The Lammy Group Limited (LGL) regularly asks fans for their views and opinions, but the survey will be the first this year, with fans able to provide feedback on a host of significant issues that have impacted the game in future.

The letter box will promoted via paneorder.com, with supporters able to have their say on issues such as:

  • The recruitment
  • The legislation, competition rules and football club status in one of the European football association
  • Any oppositions oppose our move into the area, King’s Lynn
  • Land and stadium search and resolution
  • Broadcasting of the game via online-streaming or internet
  • Communications and content provided by _connect

The letter box will also allow King’s Lynn Rovers to get substantial and valuable feedback from our supporters on various aspects of the game. The non-league competition and new third-tier European competition (including your indicative European Football Association vote) all be our hot topics in _connect Focus. This letter box ensure supporters are given a platform to have their say.

Those who take time to write your opinion will also have the chance to sponsor the team through Patreon project. To enter the fund raising page, simply provide your name, email and bank details. Please read and complete your contribution, please click HERE.

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