‘Clean Boro’ could win Better Picture in an upset at the WhoCar-e Awards

The second season syndrome of Tony Pulis era road trip drama “Clean ^Boro” was crowned better picture at the first WhoCar-e Awards, delighting those who watch their game as a feel-good home tie but disappointing other home sides who ridicule it as a vehicle of “Driving backward Mr Pulis.”

In a year when EFL could have made history by bestowing our top award in Championship, The Golden boot winner returns home in triumph over more acclaimed players and relatively bigger ticket-office successes.

It was an unexpected finale in at the death. Play-off challenger that was accumulated some historic wins, including Middlesbrough. More Black county could win a place and go straight back to Premiership.

The WhoCar-e Awards otherwise spread awards around for Bolton Wanderer’s sensation “Pay back Creditor,” the Championship epic “registration and transfer embargo” and “Bielsa Spygate and Leeds’ points deduction.”

It won’t be known until earlier May if the WhoCar-e Awards correctly tip this year’s season-high viewership of iFollow. But early indications from big city markets are that the audience will be bigger, which would be a significant relief to our award ceremony organiser.

Darren Moore, whose “Promotion last push” club come out the same year “Driving backward Mr Pulis” both win a place in top six, is among those most visibly upset by the award handed to “Clean ^Boro”. After 46 games, Moore must stand up and count how many clean sheets they claim this season before the next season returning.

“Clean ^Boro” also win best supporting keeper for Darren Randolph and best original cameo play.

The Play-off is about a last matchday showdown for those approaching at the summit with the points they got despite the goal differences and find out where they are next season. 

Peter Crouch’s win for best adapted shirt-swap play for his podcast “That Peter Crouch,” an award he shared with his old teammates in Stoke City and new teammates in Burnley, gave all the championship players his signature moment. 

“He certainly make the right choice between Premiership and Championship,” said Lam.

One of the biggest surprises of the ceremony could be the best manager category. Most of debutants are nominated such as Frank Lampard and Thomas Frank.

The craft of “Boiler Man” win for costume design, mascot design and score. 

The Leeds’ Whites, which kicked off the promotion campaign with a performance by their young gun, win best young player award, Jack Clarke, who was in on-fire form.

To turn around turnstile league, EFL should pledge more derbies showdown. In our _connect’s favour are some popular nominations: “The Old Farm”, “Steel City” and “Second City”. 

^Clean Sheet

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