Will ‘smart VAR’ lead to brighter future for the world’s football

Will advanced technologies serve as a turning point to revive football industry? They should be actively utilized with certain stipulation.


Expectations have risen high for “smart Video Assistant Referee (VAR)” that makes full use of the fourth referee to connect various elements through the internet, video and cameras.


Amid the progress of digital revolutions in a wide range of sports, football has lagged behind. However, referee equipped with new technologies have now started to emerge.


The VAR system is only used in 4 situations including goals incidents, penalties, red cards, and cases of mistaken identity.


The English Premier League will start tests in next season. Effects and problems must be examined carefully.


Goal line technology has been on the right track since their launch in early days, but VARs are good prospects for the future.


VAR is a new technology for the football game, and it requires some collaboration of referee experts and football authorities. Without increasing hassle during the game, its importance is inviolable.

However, probably the only VAR critic has been the anomalies remain because no matter how sophisticated the technology, human beings still have to interpret the evidence in accordance with the football law book. VAR may ultimately provide more correct decisions, but the process involved kills the spontaneity of the game. Also, some coaches could accuse that there is no emotion in the football game, when the play is stopped and everyone need to wait. So who makes the final cut? The technicians are as important as the VAR referee in using the system to prepare video replays as quick as they can.

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