Staff shortages lead 24-hour online broadcast to rethink model

My 24-hour online media of King’s Lynn Rovers football club is struggling to stay open (live or non-live streaming) around the clock as an industry that has continually expanded now finds itself at a crossroad due to a labour shortage – either I keep it the same format or try something new.

Franchise owner, whom was forced to work amid extra hours without sleep, has launched a campaign to acquire the new top talents from around the world.

The debate has also raised doubts over the future of a club communication channel that was faced with a long delay, lack of stories build-up and new competitors such as Hashtag United Football Club in London.

“The question is, how much demand is there for 24-hour service in an age when football market is expanding?” said Mulder Lam, founder of _connect in

Football stories are ubiquitous and an essential part of modern UK life, offering everything from replica shirts to bubble milk tea for city football supporters.

Franchising promoted some nationwide exhibition matches that took the clubs to stay afloat.

Lammy Group Limited said they were finding it increasingly hard to hire staff. Lam said he worked long hours to keep update the website each week.

Amid such pressure, the company said in March that it would begin the oversea audition and recruitment. It stressed the move was experimental and temporary and that it was not yet altering its format.

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