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While the focus has been on Premier League, signs are emerging of trouble in relegated clubs in Championship as the Clubs put themselves in deep trouble.


There is no shortage of financial indicators pointing to continued weakness in Championship clubs and League One clubs. The publication of data on matchday ticket sales, which last year suffered decline since their relegation, showed sales fell almost nearly 30%, the sharpest drop since the Championship games began to start in last August.


This came on the heels of data showing match day prices freezed in consecutive years, adding to fears of putting further strain on clubs profits.


In the new infrastructure development, which is becoming the focal point of anxiety among supporters and their supporter trust because of concerns that their owners and CEO are underestimating the severity of the slowdown during Brexit.

Yet, while Premiership relegated teams and League One promoted teams were at the centre of a new Championship season that contributed to sharp the new clubs lineup every year, it is the championship clubs who stay in the same league last few years that is the source of the stimulus in making the league attractive.


It is coincidence that ex-Premier clubs have proved financial healthier than their ex-League One clubs.


The catch stemmed partly from the club’s on the transfer policy. Having sold more their prized assets – star players in a price below the market estimation. Any former Premiership clubs abruptly changed their squad late in the transfer window, putting their Championship promotion campaign on hold mainly because of mounting threats to their new Championship links and formations. 


Another less publicized yet more worrying sign that the broadcasting revenue is not valued as much as in the Premiership.


_connect Focus analysts have become increasingly bearish, which was fuelled in part by iFollow channel in the media sector.


An observation in last January revealed that the cloud remained in the Premier league; with one measure showing Premiership clubs were the pessimistic about their transfer in winter transfer window. This is mostly due to the red-hot price hiking market.


What is more, fears about Financial Fair Play rule, which were a trend when most of the clubs finance were in danger after post-Brexit.

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