Club promotion-relegation reform in ECL


Principles from European Club Association Chairman, Andrea Agnelli

  • Fundamental to the future of European football
  • Pyramidal Pan European League System with continuity and opportunity to grow from within
  • Adopting an enhancement of mobility and dynamism across the system through carefully applied promotion and relegation

My view:

All champions from their European major domestic league should qualify to play the preliminary round of the elite competition. They all played against each other home and away at the same time to get their ranking. The top two ranking with most goals and least conceding could qualify to play the last 32-knockout stage in the competition. When the top clubs who get the same aggregate result in the preliminary round, they then play the play-off to claim the top two and seeding. The seeding mechanism will be used as reference for the similar game format in all group stage games.


Promotion – the second tier and third tier competition winner to play against European Elite clubs when they won their respective cup in previous season.


Relegation – the league title winners could play the preliminary round and get their relegation into the third tier competition.


Skip the multi-level qualification round – It will scrap the congested round of European matches to qualify. Only the title winner could have a better chance to get promotion. All other team with better club co-efficient will stay in the round stage of their respective tier competition.


The winners of the champion preliminary round could get the best chance to enter in the most exciting knock-out stage every year without the group matches.


Only allow the clubs from top European league to play more games solely against the top team from five major leagues only in the European competition.

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