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FPL Auction Service

Once in a FPL Gameweek, Paneorder holds what are termed “Paneorder Auctions”.

The auctions are held at our domain platform throughout the international Premier League fans’ bases. They feature prestigious ‘Harrow member’ registration which closely connects to Fantasy Premier League which joins our WhatsApp FPL Auction groups.

A price reference is produced with the FPL Assets arranged in the Official FPL price range.

You can use our auction calculator to see the cost of buying at FPL Paneorder Auction.

A typical example might look like:

Hammer price of Haaland 14m

(A) Buyer’s premium @ 8% (service charge) 14 x 8% = £1.1

(B) VAT on the hammer price and buyer’s premium @ 20% = £3

(C) Assignment fee: free in their transfer of each Gameweek. £8 for each new FPL Asset. 1st TRANSFER = FREE

Total = A + B + C = £4.1

As well as the Classic Live Auctions, FPL Paneorder also runs WhatsApp auctions.

How do I bid in our FPL Paneorder Auction?

We can guide you with an estimated hammer price based on both the sale of FPL assets that have sold at auction and the experience of our auction team. If our estimate is within your budget, we can arrange to acquire a FPL successful bid in our auctions and attend the live FPL Auction to bid on your behalf.

How do I buy a FPL asset at FPL Paneorder Auction?

Our dedicated auction team will text you in advance so you can attend the Auction. We will advise who may be bidding against you. We will already have discussed your maximum bid at length so, if we fail to get you on the live Auction through WhatsApp, we can bid up to that price if necessary.

We have offered FPL Tips since 2018 for many readers. If your bid is successful, we’ll invoice you for the balance in each Gameweek.

*If you have so far failed to exactly find the assets in your shopping list you want to buy or have run out of ideas, FPL Paneorder Auctions could be the answer. Please call our service line on +852 56074866 for details.

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