Brand History: Toppics Glamour

Debut year: 2022

Toppics now began their online exclusive existence on opening day 2022.


Potential music and performance industry brands

Value Level:

Toppics now is priced at market value for a single and chant, including web-hosting cost. This product also includes distributing incentives for sharing in the popular social media world.

Debuting in 2022, Toppics represents one of the more recent innovations Toppics has introduced into the hobby and fashion. For the most part, Toppics products feature pictures of the moment and hot singles in the world. With the iconic creation of Toppics, the supporters can purchase the tees and the tracks in the album almost immediately. Was there the hottest topic, a famous chant or unexpected world figure picture coming out the first introduction? Don’t worry; Toppics will have the product available now. Since its beginning, the brand has expanded to include a variety of personal belongings, all offering that exception power directly to our supporters.

Who is Toppics for?

Toppics is a product that is designed for everyone. It’s an easy entry point for new of loyal supporters and resonates with more seasoned overseas fans. This product offers everything great about the modern hobby: you get beautiful produced graphic tees featuring dramatic photos of real players and fictional characters that resonate on emotional registers. Toppics allows supporters to engage with favourite singers and athletes. Toppics is the perfect complement and springboard into the hobby.

What am I chasing in Toppics?

Toppics offers some significant moments in the game and world direct to the supporters – they’re low-numbered and available to purchase when the products are available. So the chase is similar to an Adidas sneaker, Nike Jordan trainer or Supreme drop – will you be able to buy the products before they sell out? In addition to low-numbered products, the excitement of Toppics has to do with the print run and live show. These physical products are snapshots of the season and these digital music products drew rousing applause in the venue. When they’re available, it means they are a huge surge in demand. So Paneorder stock a wide range of Toppics product.s.

You can now purchase your each song, tee and chant, and register by visiting

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