Championship Match Day Preview 16Mar2019

16 March 2019, Saturday

Sheffield Wednesday vs Blackburn Rovers

Ipswich Town vs Nottingham Forest

Parachute movement

All Championship clubs can earn their income from three main sources – matchday, broadcasting and commercial/sponsorship. However, all EFL clubs still needed to solve Financial Fair Play rules which do not permit clubs to post losses of more than £39m over three years. The latest figures show Wednesday lost more than £20m in 2016-17. And Rovers marked their loss before player sales around £13.7m. 

iFollow is taking on Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn Rovers at their own game with an ambitious series that follows the adventures of Championship season.

In the increasingly crowded media platform for football content, EFL originality is always welcome. Both clubs should become increasingly fertile ground for television networks too, whether it is local or international.

So what happens when a former Premiership champion flies in to break up the Premier league monopoly? With undeniably cool credentials, the Blue and Whites could well be that show in Sheffield.

Unsurprisingly, both clubs floundered in development limbo after the takeover in this decade. A story of relegation and transfer embargo under new Financial Fair Play rules in football league who attempt to get back to the top tier league; perhaps it is never a realistic dream this season. But it was the clubs’ footballing nature that attracted _connect writer. 

This game may feature a looming threat to ticket sales next season, but the real firepowers could take place in the Hillsborough – a hugely impeccable football style.  

Intriguingly, Barry Bannan’s presence in centre of the park is a reminder of his pin-point pass – which, on the football landscape, feels like a Italian Andrea Pirlo to The Owls.

Survivor Series – A version of Ipswich

Survivor Series was a one-sided affair in terms of the battle between top six promotion hopefuls and contender of 21st but two teams regained an enormous surge of momentum.

James Collins, Will Keane and Alan Judge, though arrived in January transfer window on the day, delivered first-rate performances to energise the Tractor boys themselves and their popularity at an unfamiliar event at Portman Road in Suffolk.

Ipswich, only one loss in last six games, to give them although they did not collect a single victory on their Carrow road match this season. Nottingham Forest won four in last ten since Martin O’Neil arrival. 

The most eye-catching bout of the day came in the battle between relishing challengers – marksman Will Keane and winger Alan Judge, who moved to Ipswich for more first-team actions and develop their best part of career.

Will Keane seemed inspired by his former teammates in Hull, Jarrod Bowen into the match and an intense and starting XI place battle which saw Alan Judge limit playing time in Brentford was only ended when he attacked and cut in the Paul Lambert’s side.

 That opportunity begged the qualification and there was further ruthless as Judge ran trickery with neated pass and Keane posed aerial threat to help in both end of the game.

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