Why season ticket sales for next Championship season will cheer the Blues supporters

The full review is assessed by independent Disciplinary Commission, appointed under EFL Regulations, revealed that Birmingham City FC are first club who got the punishment after breaching the EFL’s new Profitability and Sustainability rules that were introduced at the start of the 2016/17 season. 

They have fallen to a monthly low, 18th, triggering the 9 point deduction as the Club pleaded guilty to the charge at a hearing on 18 March 2019. The catalyst for the dramatic season turnaround is mounting concerns about relegation. According to the table, the Blues are only five point adrift to the drop zone although many supporters are still optimistic on their stay in the Championship next season since the money laundering and insolvency events between 2014 – 2015.

The reasons for optimism are well known: the new player acquisition under no embargo this summer led by Garry Monk; an ‘Imposed Business Plan’ with EFL involvements for the remainder of this season; and signs of a healthy and injury-free squad gives way to a surge in the late round of match days this season. Worries about further punishment – particularly in the end of financial period, where some key players’ contract expired soon and could contribute a big burden to the financial losses. If they found that their losses are exceeding £ 39m over the previous three years again, they may face further serious imposition of points deduction.

Given that the latest forecast from _connect Focus shows Che Adams, who is currently top scorer of the Blues, increasing his marketing value, the time frame for his sale that the market is currently pricing is far too bright.

Premiership’s transfer market, which was quite quiet last January, is paying the price for mounting concerns about much sharper rise like a rocket, in particular attacker position. From the standpoint of footballing fundamentals, there is no reason why Birmingham City FC make a fire sale in next transfer window.

Still, their footballing style this season ought to provide a fillip to season ticket sales among those spectators who are yet to become a season ticket holder. With most of season ticket price from the Midland clubs freezed, Birmingham City FC’s price looks attractive if they follow the trend.

However, in a sign of the extent to which supporters are worried about the relegation threat failed to buoy fans. 

Yet while the Blues’ season for a frenetic end to strong finishing, supporters should take comfort in the knowledge that our _connect does not believe they are about to slip into relegation. Calling time on buying next season tickets would send a more positive message with an early bird discount. By making it clear that it believes the pessimism surrounding St. Andrew is overdone, the Birmingham City FC is going to produce some excellent performance and responses. All loyal supporters should take note. 

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