Starting a club football team in a county that does focus on Euro Cup


Like most football-obsessed kidults, those playing in the local pub team dream of one day representing their county and local club. The problem is their local county, at least, doesn’t focus much on Euro Cup.

King’s Lynn has everything you expect from a county. West Norfolk’s people have the Linnets and get promotion this season. The blue and gold flag flies in the Walk stadium when they will hold a formal celebration of promotion triumph. After a dramatic extra time victory in play-off final, King’s Lynn Town secured the step up to National League football.

I am the one is determined to introduce a Euro-vision sport team.

In March, Mulder Lam ming-yip, 38, from Hong Kong, to establish the King’s Lynn Rovers Club and fund raising campaign in Patreon.

“I think some elite young footballer in Europe should have the opportunity to play European football competition,” Lam, founder of tells _connect Focus.

“In most other county there’s already some sort of structure in place such as football academy whereas here the challenge was build everything from the bottom up. The thing that excited me most was literally starting from zero to one day forming a professional club football team.”

I arrived with limited coaching backgrounds but to no facilities, no money and no players. As it is not a FA member, King’s Lynn Rovers does not receive any funding to support any developments.

Though it is attracting growing media attention, King’s Lynn Rovers is a club with plenty of challenges.

The Linnets’ presence in the football world is similarly hidden. An official team plays in Southern Premier Division Central. 

My club has relied on donations. We appreciate that any football clubs which can give the club the training equipment and kit.

With pitches scarce and expensive, I have also had to be creative finding places to play.

“For some, coaching in a small club is about developing players to play in the top-tier leagues but for us it’s about giving them hope to keep going and not give up to play in Europe competition.”

A team allowed to compete against other ‘nations’ representative. Even at youth level, could boost my bid’s for UEFA acceptance.

“I hope one day it does happen, but I’ve got a long way to go.” 

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