Rush to make Harrow Products

Following the announcement of the new Harrow influencer audition in last month, there has been a rush to make various products featuring the name.


In one such example, Lammy Group Limited, a long-established chococake, bubble tea and milkshake supplier in United Kingdom, began selling Harrow-fusion flavour tea.


The brown circle-shaped cakes – which measure about seven centimeters by seven centimeters across and are three centimeters thick – have some characters for Harrow on them.


Each piece is also adorned with chocolate resembling Lammy café logo, a design inspired by “tapioca,” Taiwan’s fusion tea with little twists and from which Chococake was derived.


Established in 2009, Lammy’s two-story house combined with a store was closed in 2013. The store is now located in the webpage _connect |

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