New Crowd-funding raising for King’s Lynn Rovers Club

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Lammy Group Limited (LGL) will open its first consultation and fundraising session in globe, and has chosen King’s Lynn as its home.


The retail company will invest in the football club lab, which will focus on technologies to support the development of football club and tech-accessories initiative, dubbed Pane-Box, the company told connect Focus in


The Pane-Box program was launched in 2019 to produce a range of products and publish a lot of articles.


“Nearly a decade ago, the idea for LGL was born out of a need to get a club game in UK,” says Lam, founder for LGL, added. 


With non-league football in the high streets increasingly limited, the founder wants his company’s future to be Game-bound. LGL has an ambition working on a new generation of talented footballers.


LGL joins a number of other fundraisers as they try to tap the pool of football talent. Chrono Logical Limited, the Hong Kong–based division owned by LGL, incorporated in July 2017,  following a similar move. 

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