La Liga in US game. Which country would host SkyBet Championship?(Part 1)

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La Liga

La Liga



Club Name

Barcelona Girona Aston Villa Rotherham Utd


Camp Nou Estadi Municipal de Montilivi Villa Park ASSEAL New York Stadium


99,354 seats 9,500 seats 42,785 seats 12,000 seats


1957 1970 1897 2012

Ticket Price

€50-200 €25-35 £25-45 £20-22


≈€19M ≈€332k ≈£1.9M ≈£264k

The deal agreement is already signed, while stating that no club was obliged to stage the match in US.

Championship Page Special:

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Get an exposure meter, start enjoying your live game at ‘Home’ miles away

What is an exposure meter?

Exposure meters are for measuring how long a US-trip should be exposed. Generally speaking, a 15-year deal signed with the US entertainment company Relevent, while a La-Liga team will play one game a year in the US. So, you can accumulate how much miles you come to US each year.

  • You can enjoy your time: Miami, US is the first venue. Meter all La-liga fans loyalty.
  • You can save money: For Girona season ticket holders, there will be 1,500 flights to Miami, with a choice of staying overnight for the weekend.
  • You can get benefits without hassles and extra cost: If you cannot make the trip, you still get one of 5,000 free tickets to the away game against Barcelona at Nou Camp and 20% off their season ticket. Fans who cannot do either would get a 40% discount on their season ticket.

To be continued . . .

Which venue is the next host destination?

What if Championship game live?

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