Harrow Account targets start-ups

Harrow account offers digital marketing tools for B2C connection as news website taps into growing market

Lammy Group Limited (LGL) introduced its first account tailored for start-ups last week as it expands its digital marketing platform and as Internet-of-things looks to encourage the development of more new small businesses.


The Harrow account, uses by our account managers to make it easier for new businesses to apply to open an advertisement campaign digitally in about 5 minutes (Form) to help manage content and product introduction, as well as tailor-made product page in paneorder.com.


Mulder Lam, founder of paneorder.com, said the account was developed after receiving feedback and personal experience from business operation at co-working spaces to better understand the needs of start-up companies.


To qualify for the account, individuals and companies had to be registered in our website and only have a single layer of leadership, Lam said.


They have to be ready to show us their products and their specific functions.


LGL said it would waive a month service charge for new Harrow account customers for their first 12 months as a way to help support new businesses.


The new offering come as LGL encourages the development of more start-ups with an eye to staying competitive in any industrial sectors.

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