Go for 2021 UEFA new tournament – UEL2

Duel registration of non-league club and enter the new third-tier tournament

An non-league club in UK could not narrowly miss out in the new UEFA tournament – UEL2 but _connect Focus is confident a minnow from EU can still walk away from a hit of big jackpot.

A semi-professional club or amateur association steps up in rank for the third-tier competition and meets the impressive European professional clubs across professional different leagues.  

“It’s a much tougher and stronger field but I think the players have come in, they’re only transformed to a pro under the club’s revolution and I thought the advanced preparation was pretty convincing the way they manage both domestic league and UEFA competition. There was a lot of interference in the registration or representation but we believe that it is not a long way to go and finish off the paper works.” _connect Focus said.

“We think the step up to new format of game is certainly going to be beneficial, We think they’ll be competitive,” 

“Once the club get into the competition, the increased minimum financial guarantee  is certainly an incentive to drive themselves forward.”

Uefa has made do with retreads and their new formula of getting more European Club Associations “more involvements and inclusive” is working wonders under the new European club competition.

In Uefa league competition alone, they have had 26 countries in total of representatives in the group stages currently. It could be even more impressive considering there are 34 countries at least this term from the new launch of third-tier tournament competition from 2021.

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