Format change calls for Championship of cup cause


People in UK who have enjoyed a heated Championship New Year than usual should spare a thought for English Football League. English Football League who recently gave by the supporters of all 72 EFL Clubs a platform to express their opinions, prompting the top manager to cite the major issues from match day experience to competitions format change.

EFL Chief Executive, Shaun Harvey said: “The financial rewards that are earned as a result of progressing through the rounds in the Emirates FA Cup deliver a huge boost to EFL Clubs and the addition of a GBP250,000 divisional prize provides an even greater return that recognizes a Club’s success.

“The additional fund, agreed with both The FA and Premier League, demonstrates further our commitment to securing the maximum financial contribution for our Clubs.”


Towards the end of 2018/19 season, the EFL Clubs who progress furthest in this year FA Cup are to pocket the big prize of a new Divisional Progress Prize fund. 

_connect Focus used a open public platform with one of English’s top football association to air concerns about English Football League fixture scheduling policies during crucial period of FA cup and EFL Cup.

The statement below is from part of a broader audience base in the globe, the highlight of which is to be an opinion about the cup format by _connect writer.

We raised concerns about Replay’s treatment and Penalty decider. Those issues are the heart of our complaints about the format structure, which have led the fixtures clash and reschedule.

Dear EFL and FA … An open letter from _connect Focus

Dear Sir,

We are writing to urge you to do what is a cup game for all EFL clubs and we hope, for a change, you are willing to listen to us and act accordingly.

This is a month for all EFL football supporters, in terms of your supporter survey. 

We are hoping you see the sense in striving to excite all supporters and players, also you still improve the games in league and cup.

To do so, would seem positive given the reputation you know the history of Cup games will do.

As things stand, we have pleaded for a serious consideration of a “mini replay” on the day if their meeting ends in a draw, with our recommendation of a wholesale change team including selection dilemma and constraints to play in that replay. – Something we have written in January 2019.

Given the club-developed rule throughout EFL three divisions, there must be a realistic opportunity for younger players to break into first-team football. The model should apply in the FA cup games. We hope our suggestion directs the attention of top management in football-relating organisation towards the possible format change in future. 

The ongoing problem in Premiership such as no homegrown players cannot be tolerated or be used an excuse not to address.   

We believe that keeping young homegrown player in the lineup is the best chance this football community has of improving and growing sustainably. 

Best wishes, 

_connect Focus

Lammy Group Limited

Focus on Fantasy Premier League

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