Coach could eye format change, some critics of the root problem


_connect Focus added a voice to criticism of no replays of FA Cup Fifth Round this season as the traditional system face a change in the famous competition. 

_connect Analytics said they do not welcome the FA decision to cancel the fifth round replays from this season onwards. They prefer a knockout stage with replay where all teams play on the day and replay if necessary on the other day if their first meeting ends in a draw, rather than playing to a finish on the day, with extra-time and penalties of if necessary. Because they believe that the cup are not only guaranteed for the top flights in Premiership, the spaces in fifth round are highly demanded for the teams down the pyramid, even though some of the teams are not always fully-anticipated. 

_connect Focus warned that only one extra substitute in extra-time will “destroy” the normal game play. The adverse impact could not easily find. It did actually interferes with the process of manager’s game plan. If a re-match in the fifth round is removed, _connect Focus could recommended a wholesale change team to play in the extra-time on the day until getting the golden goal with selection dilemma and constraints (for example, the substitution quota and more fresh legs involved) after the official 90th-minutes technically. The impact could be positive under the same logic of knockout from spectators’ point of view and the new tie-break myth format should be renamed as a mini-replay on the day. 

The idea of 4th substitute introduction in extra time was put forward by the FA, following a study from the International Football Association Board (IFAB). The eventual goal is to analyse the impact an additional substitute in extra-time would have on and its outcome. 

Reacting to the imaginary “totally unacceptable” substitution scene, a series of all substitutions at the stoppage time in the extra-time stage could be forced to take “countermeasures” in nightmare. 

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