Defeating less is best, even if the troops cannot agree on how much

Finishing line on top two are based on different approaches at this stage and open to interpretation and error – but no one doubts managers do mind defeat


How much should the top two lose? For maximum benefits, should we observe a never-give-up attitude to anything that is not positively? Or should we approach games with some elasticity?


Managers used to live with high expectation, “A couple of victories with clean sheets you claimed does you good”. That meant some good results can overturn their fortune in the league competition.


“Victories”, then is the clear result, though the “clean sheet” is key too. And a lot of teams that get a good cheers – especially in their derby days.


Sheffield United and Hull City delivered some new team rotation models on what to bag some good performances during their office day. They are underpinned by different approaches.


_connect Analytics concentrate on team squad sizes. It advocates a balancing approach with a proper team introduction. Whatever the team formations the manager chooses from, the player should have the basic understanding about their teammates, personnel links and tactics.


“That is a lot of rotation.” It is a considerable margin for error in interpretation during the cup time. However, those managers changed their squad line up drastically resulting in failure and early exit from the cup competition.


“So it’s a bit confusing. How can the manager change his team in a balancing way?” _connect also notes that, while it describes how people need rest based on their body size and age.


Furthermore, what are the team squad’s strengths and how can the manager build around them? We can only briefly explain our ideas and agreement in principle.

My answer: Sheffield United and Reading.

Cup impact investing

A FA cup platform that allows all EFL clubs to increase their supporters while helping their club managers and CEO on improving their sustainability via grassroots planting is what _connect believe the ingredients of success.


“We have a passion for English football. But I’m not a pro,” says Lam, founder of _connect. “Big price tag on new players’ contribution is to bring in the right type of observation and team solutions, and to involve all their companies and supporters. They cannot save the club by themselves in a single match. It is a bigger team effort.”


Long established FA cup, football clubs source players from the globe which could play in a tailored way so they can build their players’ engagement and maintain their club sustainability in a historic FA cup competition.


“The club invest in a player where club can entertain their supporters in a FA cup competition, even make money from broadcasting their matches. The club not only can make money but also feel good about it. An investment that touches the supporters’ heart from their stunning efforts and impresses us.”


Last year, _connect launched its latest feature – Champ room – a fun tool where people (players) can chat with their football clubs. While this might sound weird at first, Champ room, similar to that of a chat room, chit-chat based on the messages sent by users. This feature can also be tailored to a social media like Facebook.

Focus on Fantasy Premier League

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