connect launches harrow, a new influencer marketing agency

_connect has announced the launch of Harrow, an independent full-service influencer marketing agency. It will tell authentic King’s Lynn Rovers FC brand stories – working with emerging social and football talent as well as established voices – by aligning unique Union Ball book with storytelling creativity, content production and trend forecasting.

Founder and headed by Mulder Lam, formerly HLB’s accountant, Harrow will offer: talent identification and management, storytelling strategy, creative production and cross media amplification for brands and talent.

Mulder, Director at, said: “Influencer marketing is one of our targeted growing areas in brand communication. But the space is still expanding and with any industry in rapid growth such as co-working, challenges persist. Brands require more support identifying the right talent, building longer-term partnerships, proving meaningful ROI and delivering authentic and diverse football stories.

“_connect | helps brands elevate influencer marketing into multi-channel and social media campaigns. I believe in a hardcore football lover approach to talent recognition. I define them to help brands join the conversation at the right time and in the right way.”

Moving along reach and frequency, _connect | is aiming to better use the term influencer. Segmenting by micro, macro and celebrity categories, I have also identified seven roles of influencer to help my brands connect with customers and target audience.

_connect | will be powered by an exclusive partnership with Lammy Group Limited (LGL)– an independent platform which combines journalistic insight and analysis to offer my brand and clients’ brands a talent selection strategy that goes beyond technology.

_connect will also work with LGL to discover, nurture and invest in the social talent of next wave within Harrow’s brand.

The seven role of Harrow’s influencer

I define clearly their tone and format in the reach-focused approach to my audience.

  1. Football skill artiste
  2. The Champ’s host through social media platform
  3. Football trend follower
  4. Football expert
  5. Football journalist
  6. Matchday programme collector
  7. Humourist

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