Brentford hopes their ‘Cup affair’ is a winner

To most football supporters, it would be a sacrifice. But to Brentford’s boss, Thomas Frank, giving up a league promotion fight and the hot prospect of FA cup romance is his Juliet and Romeo.


Football manager lives, breathes, eats and sleeps football. He can afford distractions – even if that means “balance of life” – in their quest to become the top manager in England.


That is a big dream for a manager from Denmark, which has produced only a handful of world-class footballers.


_connect Focus thought it would be easy to get Frank survive his groundbreaking first year on the Championship but was experienced a whole new lesson on how much more he had to learn (the EFL League and FA Cup) – and how far he has to go.


He is not making a lot of changes in his squad during the January transfer window this year, and that includes the components of a successful predecessor – Dean Smith.


He does not have to worry about the financials as Brentford has already sold Ryan Woods after loan in the first half of season.


However, _connect Focus knew that it has not made his “comfortable” and not desperate to make the cut every week and earn the respects from pundits in media.


FA cup defeat could be a nightmare of Bees. The Swans meeting of the fifth round in Wales is a test for the Dane’s debut season. A success in clinching the last 8 place in a good cup run could earn his berth courtesy of a remarkable level of his own Eriksen-like performance, coupled with a propensity to embark on thrilling brand new cup history story.

“Thomas checked a lot of boxes and made them impossible not to go for a win in FA cup.”_connect Analytics writes.

For his part, Brentford, the 18th place in Championship, was suitably overawed.


Will we find the goosebumps?

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