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Hong Kong-Chinese entrepreneur Mulder Lam Ming-yip knows all about achieving the right balance in his hand craft beverages – but, lately, he has been searching for a different kind of balance.


For the past year, he has been trying to enrol in University of Portsmouth University and University of Surrey. During an interview through email with his agent, he was asked how many years he had studied my PhD in Portsmouth, and how many hours he had dedicated to Lammy’s business.


“My failure on PhD studies costs me a passport to stay in United Kingdom. I cannot enrol to my beloved journalism or back to the same PhD program at my cost,” says Mulder Lam, who has been living in Portsmouth for ten years alone and finished both his first honoured degree and master degree in University of Portsmouth.


“How can I keep myself happy by enrolling another degree course, but at the same time the UK immigration policy get me refused at school?”


Mulder realised he had to become a “toothless graduate” – a student who spends four years without a proper experience in his CV.


Hoping to inspire people to consider the roles of UK immigrants, Mulder created his first website paneorder.com, “Time to tame the Championship league football.”


“I put so much effort on the website to express my opinions that they cannot easily look up online, when instead I should be motivating myself to be creative, take up hobbies and engage in sports. Without creativity, my blog will be duller than I am,” he says.


Through my work, Mulder hopes to write the feeling of helplessness and passion of UK football shared among schools, news group and football supporters.


“I want to push myself to do better for my future, but I am struggling, and I cannot step out on my own,” says Mulder, referring to my case in University of Portsmouth back to 2010.


“I believe there is an opportunity for change after Brexit, for students to get their happiness back, and for schools to open up education to different ways of learning.”


Despite the pressure to perform in _connect webpage, Mulder does not regret the decision to stay in United Kingdom for nearly ten years.


Mulder says the UK government is able to offer all students a chance of study experience, including cross-subjects modules.


“A correspondent told me that anyone could study journalism if they like to.” Mulder  says.


_connect focus’s series is now on display every Monday in paneorder.com.  

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