10 Icebergs that will sink your PES Master League project

The Galacticos was said to be supreme planetary brand. The Titanic was said to be unsinkable. We know what happened.

Many projects seem just as solid at the outset, buoyed by the optimism that naturally comes with new things. But there are a myriad of obstacles that can quickly turn a project into a disaster.

Learn about the 10 potential icebergs that can sink you ship:

written by _connect (Saddening experience)

  1. Unclear goals (unclear your line)
  2. Insufficient detail (detail in a language which needs encryption)
  3. Scope creep (niche market is shut)
  4. Wrong people for the job (better person in the system, but not perform)
  5. Accountability issues (duty of care – it means customs)
  6. Inconsistent processes (convergent view of glitch)
  7. Poor communication (try In-Z language)
  8. Unrealistic deadlines (Delay for a better response)
  9. Risk management (MBA means NO Mbappe in Master Ball Administration)
  10. Stakeholder apathy (Go back and recount on the first and the top of this list)

Fail to learn from them and the manager will soon find himself out of a job, desperately seeking another shot in the manager’s hot seat. To help weak manager avoid making too many Zizou clangers, we’ve identified some of the top mistakes that players make in their path of PES Football Manager. Remove these errors from the game, and you’ll soon start racking up the wins, promotions and trophies.

  1. Always changing tactics
  2. Not having a Plan B
  3. Ignoring player roles
  4. Missing out on key dates
  5. Losing the dressing room
  6. Overlooking the team report
  7. Not building for the future
  8. Skipping the pre-season friendly lineup

Focus on Fantasy Premier League

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