Championship Page Special – Post (13)


Championship – Sheffield Wednesday

Player Name:  ____Owls____

Superstar in the making, the player needed to notch a cracking goal of this season to get his piece of the cash cow. The praise of loss is a considerable gain for the Made In Yorkshire, which has its zoological knowledge back to wow the Championship again. The quality of naming the clubs delivered, and the guts he showed, left supporters convinced the Owls was up to the job. That assertion was spectacularly vindicated when the fearless Owls scored in his attempt of identify the EFL animal nicknames as Owls proved that he is a truly talent in 2018/19 season (half season). 

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Championship Page Special – Post (11)

Championship – Swansea


Skybet, Bet365, who are now the sponsors of Liberty Stadium, Swansea. Taking Swans Uni. and team to host a game near Statue of Liberty National Monument in Liberty Island, New York, it probably takes a toll of works for bookies. US poses a unique opportunity for one of them to sponsor this sporting event. 

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