FPL DGW20 Free Transfer Glitz: Marcus Rashford

Manchester United midfielder has two matches in Gameweek 20 and is among Paneorder’s free transfer target ahead of Friday’s deadline 


Paneorder is tipping one player to produce big points in Double Gameweek 20 of 2022/23 Fantasy Premier League. 


Marcus Rashford (MUN) 7.0m 


A double Gameweek 20 for Manchester United means Marcus Rashford (7.0m) could provide big value for Fantasy Premier League managers. 


The devils are among the four sides to play twice in Gameweek 20, visiting Crystal Palace after entertaining their derby rival Manchester City.

Costing only 7.0m, Rashford has made an instant impact since the England international returned from the World Cup last December. 


He has played last three matches, supplying an assist and scoring once in each game. 


Rashford’s all-round impact made him the most-bought player in Fantasy before the Friday’s deadline. 


And his popularity has been further boosted by a Double Gameweek 20 for Man Utd. 


Rashford has the form to replicate those displays and secure his place in many managers’ squads for the remainder of the Fantasy campaign.

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